Recycled Fashion Show

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The fifth Recycled Fashion Show to be held at AltonMethodistChurch will be on Tuesday 16 April 2013 at 7pm, with hundreds of donated items priced and modelled, then sold after the Show.  This year the event will support the work of The Rosemary Foundation and the work of Debbie Thomson (known to many as Debbie Thrower) who is Chaplain to the Elderly within Alton.  Tickets for the Show are £5, with customers encouraged to bring their own bags for their purchases.

Judy Nicholls and Karen Booker acknowledge the large team of helpers that make the Show such a happy evening.  Karen said, “This is a time to welcome the community into our church.  It encourages people to recycle, while enjoying the fun of finding a bargain.  Judy and I have been collecting and pricing clothes since January, and plans are well in place for this year’s Show!

A further reduced price sale with coffee morning will take place the following day.  The remainder of the clothes are thereafter donated to the local charity shops, so the recycling continues! This is the last year that Karen will be running this event, so if anyone would like to take it on, do please come along to the evening to see how it works and meet Karen.

Further details are available from Karen at

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