How the Rosemary Foundation came to be

Bordean House

Bordean House

In March 1997, the Sue Ryder Home, Bordean House, Langrish, Hampshire, a Palliative Care Unit, closed. The unit had provided for cancer and other patients through continuing care for those at their lives’ end, as well as respite care, symptom control and convalescence, supported by counselling services for patients and their families.
Following the closure, local general practitioners and staff from Bordean House felt there was a resulting gap in the care offered to terminally ill patients, suffering not necessarily from cancer but from other chronically debilitating illnesses as well.  It was agreed on the need for a continuing palliative care nursing service in the area.

It was to meet this need that The Rosemary Foundation was founded by former Bordean House staff, and the Foundation has since extended the area in which it operates and in which it finds its support, so that it is currently active in a wide area including North, Mid, and South East Hampshire.

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One thought on “How the Rosemary Foundation came to be

  1. What a brilliant charity! At The Petersfield School, Joseph House supports you and we are know trying to come up with fundraising ideas!

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