A Day in the Life of a Rosemary Foundation Nurse

Sunday 25 August 2013

08:00 first scheduled visit of the day is to Petersfield to help a lady with her personal care, which is carried out with the help of another Rosemary Foundation nurse. We then go to a new patient in Liphook, for 09:15, one of us to fill in the paperwork and the other to assist the carer with personal care for this lady. Return to the office at Langrish and have a quick cup of coffee.

11:30 the first call of the morning needs an urgent visit to Waterlooville to deliver a commode and to assist with some care and support for the family.

12:30 a quick stop for lunch.

13:00 telephone call received from an anxious family requesting a check visit this afternoon.

13:30 a return visit to Waterlooville is needed. Assistance of second nurse called. Care is given, with support and comfort for the family. Telephone calls made to out of hours GP and community nursing team. Stayed there for 2 hours.

15:45 check visit to the family in Clanfield. Support given.

17:00 returned equipment to Langrish office. Telephone call to patient, visit arranged, also nursing staff arranged for a care visit to be offered to a new patient in Liphook for next morning.

Short respite

19:30 collected colleague and made a return visit to our patient in Petersfield for personal care.

21:00 extra visit needed to a patient in Liss for symptom control. Delivered colleague home,

22:30 returned home

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August

05:15 called back to Liss. Support given to family, personal care carried out. Telephone calls made to out of hours GP and community nursing team.

07:30 home again, ready to hand over to my colleague for the next 24hours.

Fortunately for The Rosemary Foundation nurses and their patients, not every day is as full as the 24hours outlined

above. We know our patients value the availability of this 24 hour cover and we never mind how many calls we get

out of office hours.

Last year the nurses carried out a total of 3,500 visits to care for patients in their own homes. These visits were all made possible by your hard work in organising fundraising events and from donations.

If there is somebody you know who may benefit from our involvement, do please pass on our contact details.

Julie Cotsell

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