Our Services

Nurse Lindy Coles with patient

Our service is provided by a team of qualified and experienced specialist nurses, counsellors and care assistants, supported by providers of clerical, financial and administrative services.  To keep indirect costs as low as possible, staff work from their own homes, meeting regularly to discuss individual cases.  The Board of Trustees and the Management Committee (with responsibility for day to day operations) also meet regularly.

Patients who are referred to us are assessed by one of our nurses, who will visit the patient and their family, and also contact other healthcare professionals involved, particularly the GP and District Nurse, to assess the type and degree of care required and how this may best be provided.  A care plan is drawn up with the patient and care arranged, with one named carer appointed to take overall responsibility in each case. There is no charge for this care.

Anyone may refer a patient to us, but normally it will not be possible to take on the care of any patient without the full agreement of their GP.   

As part of our services for patients we are able to offer complementary therapies. 

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