There’s a busy day ahead on 30th November …

Craft Fair at East Meon

RF Craft Fair 2

We are used to heavy rain at our popular events at East Meon but during this year we have also had snow and a major road closure to create additional problems. Happily supporters of The Rosemary Foundation are a determined group of people!

Nurse Lindy Coles has taken over the organisation of these events and has developed these into Craft Fairs. With her own skills in knitting items such as teddies and tea cosies she has invited a variety of craft makers to attend to showcase their own products in return for a donation.

Make a note for your diary and come to the Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 30th November at East Meon Village Hall 10:00 ‐1:00pm. You will receive an extra warm welcome if you bring with you some cakes, preserves or jigsaws!

Our grateful thanks to Lindy for her hard work and for steering us in this new direction, which is being greatly enjoyed by nurses, volunteers and visitors.

On the same day in the evening ….

Final Concert

The Petersfield Chamber Choir was formed in January 2000 and quickly became established as one of the finest in Hampshire, performing to great critical acclaim.

The repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the present day and includes the St Matthew and the St John Passions alongside compositions by lesser known composers such as Janacek and Arvo Part.

But all good things come to an end and the choir gives its final concert on Saturday 30 November at 7:30pm in St Peter’s Church, Petersfield, when the programme is a Benjamin Britten Centenary Concert. There is no charge for admission, but there is a retiring collection.

Our very grateful thanks go to Musical Director Ann Pinhey and her wonderful singers for their outstanding support over the last 13 years. Their concerts have been in aid of The Rosemary Foundation more times than for any other charity and at least £10,000 has been donated to our funds.

Do please come to the concert and hear this outstanding choir for one last time.

Recycled Fashion Show

rf lbd

The fifth Recycled Fashion Show to be held at AltonMethodistChurch will be on Tuesday 16 April 2013 at 7pm, with hundreds of donated items priced and modelled, then sold after the Show.  This year the event will support the work of The Rosemary Foundation and the work of Debbie Thomson (known to many as Debbie Thrower) who is Chaplain to the Elderly within Alton.  Tickets for the Show are £5, with customers encouraged to bring their own bags for their purchases.

Judy Nicholls and Karen Booker acknowledge the large team of helpers that make the Show such a happy evening.  Karen said, “This is a time to welcome the community into our church.  It encourages people to recycle, while enjoying the fun of finding a bargain.  Judy and I have been collecting and pricing clothes since January, and plans are well in place for this year’s Show!

A further reduced price sale with coffee morning will take place the following day.  The remainder of the clothes are thereafter donated to the local charity shops, so the recycling continues! This is the last year that Karen will be running this event, so if anyone would like to take it on, do please come along to the evening to see how it works and meet Karen.

Further details are available from Karen at

A letter from a patient

First the bad news.

I attended QA Hospital for a routine out‐patient appointment. I awoke some days later to find that I had come through two emergency operations for colon cancer. From then on, the hospital’s 100% priority was to get me out quickly and I was transferred to Petersfield Hospital for rest and to build my strength back.

Some days later I was asked if I was ready to go home, despite living alone, barely able to walk and still attached by a tube from my stomach to a large vacuum pump; the priority was to free the bed. I went home for care in the community to find it was not easily accessible as the workload of the Community Nurses has increased and there are fewer of them. I have not heard one word from Social Services to this day.

I asked the Community Nurses if I could have a shower and one said that the Rosemary girls might be able to help me.

Now the good news.

A Rosemary nurse arrived and took over my dressings and care. What a difference! Pleasant competent oldfashioned care, no dashing in and out, they arrive when they say and take time for a chat. I am so pleased. I face a short and probably unpleasant future, but with peace of mind that I will receive the care that I need from The Rosemary Foundation nurses.

It’s a sad reflection on our society that the opportunity to access an enhanced level of care within the community appears only to be provided by charities. May your Foundation long continue its excellent work.

Many thanks for all that you have done for me. God bless your endeavours.

A very grateful patient,

Tom Jones

Proposed National Cancer Support Database

“Let’s help cancer sufferers learn what support they have local to them”

Judith Potts of the Daily Telegraph

So wrote Judith Potts in an article in the Daily Telegraph w/c 7.01.13 – and Judith knows what she’s talking about – she was diagnosed with cancer in 2008.

What Judith is proposing is a national database of support for cancer sufferers – she not just proposing it – she is organising it. If you can recommend any cancer support group – local or national then please send the details to Judith at

Read Judith’s article in full here.