Flint Family Challenge

Click here to Read about the Flint Family’s Fundraising Adventures

And here to read their fascinating half-time newsletter. The fund-raising score to date is a magnificent £10,000. Well done indeed!

As Paul and Mel Flint reach their 50th years a family brain wave took over. Instead of celebrating the events in the normal manner, the family decided to have a year of 50 money raising events and challenges, some physical and some just individual challenges.

“It started with a 24 hour tennis marathon, other events have been so far a cake sale, walking the Hangers way, an ongoing swear box. We hope that friends and family will take up a challenge or two and join us on some of our missions. As we go through our challenges, we raise money through the events, and kind folk, who believe our mission is worthy of support.

The choosing of charities that we are supporting are all related to our family, where these charities have helped members over the past and during the present, we felt they needed some pay back. We are excited about our challenge; we hope we can raise a significant amount of money for these worthwhile causes.”

Paul and Mel Flint

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