New Ways to Support the Foundation

Give A Car

We’ve joined Give-A-Car, the charity that collects disused cars and turns them into cash for the charity of your choice, which is hopefully the Rosemary Foundation.

If you have a car you no longer use – or a ride-on mower, or a lorry, van or farm machinery – go to and arrange collection.

Give-A-Car will have it collected and either sell it for scrap or if it is road worthy sell it at auction. The proceeds then come to the Foundation. If you have any doubts read the comments of other charities already benefitting from this service.

The Rosemary Foundation has entered the 21st Century! We now have joined the Just Text Giving service.

To donate using your mobile phone just: text “ROFO99 £10″ to 70070  (you can change the amount of course).

Why not try it NOW! You will receive a grateful acknowledgement by return and be offered the chance to claim “Gift Aid” to increase the value of your donation.

This is is for general use. If you set up a Just Giving Page to support the Foundation you can extend your page to include a personalised version of this service, collecting money simply by mobile.

Why not carry a card that you can give to anyone who would like to donate to the Foundation. To print off a sheet of cards just click RF Support Label

Some time ago we were given some souvenirs of the Olympics and Paralympics to sell to raise funds. We put them on EBay and have raised over £200 for the Rosemary Foundation.

We have now learned how to make the best of EBay and we are looking for some more items to sell. We are happy to sell almost anything that will be safe in the post – so no glassware and no electrical goods.

Have you anything you could give us – perhaps first edition or unusual books, vintage handbags, designer clothes that you no longer wear, vases or silver you inherited and have no room for, old coins, and stamps – anything with a little value that you no longer need? At the moment we are only using parcel post but we know carriers who will deliver nationwide at a fair price so anything is possible.

It is possible to put reserves on items sold on EBay and we agree with you about what things are worth. For larger value items we would be prepared to sell on your behalf and for us to share the proceeds.

Please email Richard at with a phone number if you have anything you would like to donate. I will be happy to collect.

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