Just Giving

The Rosemary Foundation as always is extremely grateful for donations not only from fund raising events and from regular covenant holders but also and most especially, for the very generous gifts from patients, their relatives and friends. They alone  have contributed more than £50,000 in 6 months, for which we are indebted.

The Rosemary Foundation is registered with the charity donation website JustGiving

Just-Giving-LogoFor those not familiar with JustGiving, it allows fundraisers who are organising a sponsored event to publicise the event on a fundraising event page and request sponsorship. Sponsors can donate online via the website and JustGiving passes on the donations and arranges to claim Gift Aid refunds on behalf of The Rosemary Foundation.

We hope that anyone thinking of holding a sponsored event, even if they are not internet users themselves, will think about using JustGiving – we are delighted to help – just ask!

If you are arranging a fundraising event for us please click


As you probably know, Gift Aid is the arrangement by which a charity can claim back a refund on the tax paid by a donor, provided the donor gives us a Gift Aid declaration. Many of our friends – over 1,750 at the time of writing – have completed these declarations, and we match each donation we receive against them (or rather the computer does!). Where there is a match, the value of the donation is increased by about 25%.

What you may not know is that if someone holds a charity event, if they charge a certain amount for a ticket, then Gift Aid does not apply. If however, they say the event is free, but there is a suggested donation of £x, then Gift Aid applies to the £x as long as the person attending the event does not have to pay it (and has filled in a Gift Aid declaration).

If someone holds a charity auction, then there may also be opportunities for Gift Aid to be applied – please contact us for details before the event.

Where possible we like to write to thank all our friends who support us with donations. In order to devote as much as possible of your gifts to providing care to our patients, we will in future use email where you have given us an email address as, in comparison, posting a letter incurs considerable cost. We do hope you will agree that this is the right thing to do…. unless perhaps you are a postman!

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