Volunteers Wanted


The Rosemary Foundation has opportunities for volunteers in many departments!

Fundraising: To help organise events or undertake sponsored activities to raise funds for the Foundation.

Sales: To help with sale of donated goods and Rosemary Foundation merchandise.

PR: To help with publicity for fund raising events.

Admin: To help with administrative support within The Rosemary Foundation Office.

IT: To help with maintenance of information and developing new applications in Excel 2003 (skills need to be up to ECDL/ICDL Advanced Spreadsheets level).

To volunteer for any of these, please contact us at


Fundraising Support Network

The late Lyn Blackman wrote in 2011: “I have a vision! I would like to encourage new volunteers with a flair for fundraising to form some local groups. To start with, these could be very small, even just asking friends round for coffee and inviting donations. This could lead to events such as ‘Tea at Three or even ‘Wine at Nine’! This will be a new venture for us and plenty of support is available for anyone wishing to start up such a group.

Two years later this is still so, so true.

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