Pet visit is the most common last wish

The following article appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 10th October 2011. It talks about providing last wishes to dying patients and it makes it clear that by nursing patients at home carers are in a better position to meet those wishes.

What better company for a sick person?“The most common wish among dying patients is to see a favourite pet or animal, a survey suggests. 

The poll of hospice staff by Help the Hospices found 60 per cent had been asked to help them see a pet or animal. This was followed by arranging romantic occasions or a date (57%) and celebrations and parties (50%). 

Heather Richardson, from Help the Hospices, said “For some people facing the end of life, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference – like having a drink with friends, getting to a family birthday or seeing a beloved pet. Others may have big goals that they would like to achieve – like travelling to a meaningful destination or marrying the love of their life”.

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